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Reuy-Ching Chinese Medical Clinic Location:
No.159, Sec. 1, Zhongxing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 886-2-29135052 Director’s clinic hours only
Fax: 886-2-29136252 Director’s clinic hours only

Mission: Help Lives. Acclimatize Health

Chih-Ching Kao Ph.D., M.D., practitioner

Gender: Male

Current: Director of Reuy-Ching Chinese Medical Clinic

˙Trainee, Five Elements Dan Qi Faction (Aug. 2008~now)
˙School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine, China Medical University. TaiChung, Taiwan (MD, 2004)
˙Doctoral Program in Pathology , School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Ph.D.,1998)
˙Institute of Physiology, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University. (MS, 1991)
˙School of Medical Technology, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University. (BS, 1989)

Training and Experience:
˙Oncology specialist, Chinese Traditional Chinese Medical Cancer Association.
˙ENT specialist , Taiwan Chinese Medicine ENT Association.
˙Internal Medicine specialist, Taiwan Clinical Chinese Medicine Association.
˙Traumatology specialist , Taiwan Clinical Chinese Medicine Association.
˙Family medicine physician, Taiwan Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Family Medicine.
˙Referee Editor, Journal of Taiwan Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Family Medicine (Aug.2007~June 2008).
˙Director, Taiwan Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Family Medicine (since Aug. 2011).
˙Visiting Staff, Department of Chinese Medicine, Cardinal Tien Hospital, Xindian (Hsintien), New Taipei City, Taiwan (July 2007~June 2011).
˙Chief Resident Physician, Departments of Chinese Medicine, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Chia-Yi, Taiwan (Sep. 2004~June 2006: Resident, July 2006~ June 2007: Chief Resident).
˙Instructor for Department of Nursing Program, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei County, Taiwan (May 2008)
˙Instructors for Department of Medicine, and Institute of Nursing, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan (2007)
˙Adjunct Assistant Professor, National Chia-Yi University. Chia-Yi City, Taiwan (Jan. 2006~June 2007).
˙Research Assistant, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan (1992-1993)

˙Member, Chinese Acupuncture Medical Association.
˙Trainee, Traumatology and Acupuncture Departments of China Medical University Hospital.
˙Member of Chinese Qi Healing Association. TaiChung County (2003~ 2008).

˙Traditional Chinese Medical consultant and lecturer, Taichung Tui-Na Society.
˙Member, Chinese Huang-Ting Medical Association since 2009


Clinical services including areas of:
 Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine,
Vascular Cardiac Internal Medicine,
 TCM Traumatology,
 TCM Gynecology,
 TCM Pediatric medicine,
 TCM Dermatology,

Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine: catching cold, cough, bronchitis, headache, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, insomnia, palpitations, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, ulcers, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, hepatitis, dizziness, depression, obesity, cloudy blood, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, nerves weakness, liver and gallbladder disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal dysfunction, sleep disorders, cancer, physical characteristics and constitution adjustment, kidney disease, difficult diseases.

Vascular Cardiac Internal Medicine: Headache, chest pain, stroke (obstructive or venous leakage type of relative stable conditions), myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, vascular block, leakage of vessels, liver stroke, stomach stroke, kidney stroke…Patients of some of the above stroke conditions may need timely therapy with their own expense. [Note: Patients of the ruptured artery type, due to their artery bleeding too fast, are suggested to rush to nearby emergency department of medical center].

Acupuncture: Sequelae of stroke, Bell's palsy, various pain condition…

TCM Traumatology: Contusion sprain strain, back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, tennis elbow, adjust bones, refresh muscles, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, computer shoulder, stroke rehabilitation, arthritis, neck pain, fractures, spine alignment, pain between scapulas

TCM Gynecology: Dysmenorrhea, menopausal disorders, infertility, acclimatize health after parturition, urinary tract infections, women's disease, amenorrhea

TCM Pediatric medicine: Physical weakness, loss of appetite, bed-wetting, pediatric bone transformation, gastrointestinal disorders, child development
TCM ophthalmology: Dry eyes, Insufficient tear, itchy eyes

TCM dermatology: Acne, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, skin diseases, pustule

TCM hemorrhoids Division: Hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, constipation, anal fissure.

Clinic equipments

Medical records of patients with synchronous image recording equipment, auto phone attendant, voice mail, emergency call-for-help button, emergency status location reporting platform, inductive warning light to avoid stumbling, pack medicine dispenser, medicine mixing machine, energy-efficient dispenser of  drinking clod-warm- hot water, the infrared instrument ... and so on. The most valuable asset or equipment in this clinic is its personnel.

Future goals
 Integrate approaches of traditional Chinese medicine and daoist dan qì medical application to empathize with patients, help lives, and acclimatize health

Special appointments
  "Tuesday Morning" and "Thursday evening" are special appointment sessions particularly designed for patients requiring longer duration of adjustment to acclimatize health. Director of Reuy-Ching Clinic has excellent skills as proved by various professional licenses and certificates. These special techniques can be performed integratively only in these special appointment sessions for optimal therapeutic effects.

 The adjustments and conditioning for some patients may need a longer time to be more effective. These services can’t be performed in general visits because once doctor implemented these time-consuming adjustments for one patient, other patients waiting behind often complained about the long delay, or even frequently interrupted the ongoing treatment¸ and definitively affected physician’s attention on that treating patient.

To consolidate therapeutic effect , the performance of some acclimatizing procedures of d?n qì medical application should not stop halfway until one stage totally completes, as revealed by patients’ qì flowing out from their toes and fingers. If these procedures were carried out without one stage being finished in one very limited treatment duration of the general course offered by current National Health Insurance, the same procedures will have to be started all over again, therefore unfinished once more, and result in unsatisfied effects in the patient’s next visit. Such halfway therapy seems cheaper, but actually wastes time, life, and money. This is the reason why such performance can’t be carried out in the very limited treatment duration of the general course. Pursuit of the consolidated therapeutic effect justifies the establishment of special appointment session.

Therefore, patients in need of such acclimatizing-health therapy are welcome to register in advance into "Tuesday morning" or "Thursday night" special appointment sessions with half an hour per person per visit. Such seeing-doctor-by-special-appointment system was learned from Children Hospital of Philadelphia during director’s Ph.D. study at the University of Pennsylvania in America. This special appointment service focusing on the quality of medical care belongs to integrated holistic medicine, and is one of the innovative features of Reuy-Ching Chinese Medical Clinic.

Our missions are “Help lives, Acclimatize Health”. Health is beautiful. So, why not adjust your discomfort in Reuy-Ching Clinic as deposit more in your health bank as early as possible? A stitch in time saves nine. Those who have such attitude and such need for integrated medical care are very welcome to register for the "Tuesday morning" or "Thursday night" special appointment ASAP.

Since one special appointment visit duration, half an hour or an hour, depending on the need of patient condition, can provide service to one patient only, registered patients should not be late for such special appointment. Please do not miss or cancel your special appointment until that designated day otherwise it will harm the rights of patients who did not have the chance to book one section due to full appointments.

Registration and Reception Hours

Director's clinic hours








08:50~  11:30

9:00 ~ 12:00

Special appointment




13:50 ~ 16:30






18:20 ~ 21:00

18:30 ~ 21:30

Special appointment


Special appointment


:Director’s clinic sessions.
Reuy-Ching Chinese Medical Clinic has opened formally since July 11, 2011.
◎ Director's clinic sessions in Tuesday morning, Thursday and Saturday evenings may be reserved for patients of special appointments. Please make your appointment in advance.

Note: Recessed Session message:
˙Please see updated information at"
Registration and Reception Hours:
08:50 am ~11:30 am for morning sessions.
13:50 ~ 16:30 for afternoon sessions.
18:20 ~ 21:00 for evening sessions.
˙In addition to the NT$ 50 copayment to Bureau of National Health Insurance, the registration fee within our registration and reception hours is NT$ 100 . ˙ Please note: In order to maintain good quality of care, let our employees have time for meal and environmental cleaning, and prevent crowded patients coming near the end of each session, patients who register or report to our front desk personnel after the above “Registration and Reception Hours” will have the overtime “late registration fee” NT$ 150.

Director’s clinic hours:
9:00 am~ 12:00 (morning session),
14:00~17:00 (afternoon session) ,
18:30 ~ 21:30 (evening session)


What you should know regarding Director inspecting patients by these rules
◎ Director inspects patients by patients’ registration number sequence in the majority general sessions. The registration number sequence is composed of "on-site registration number (in singular number)” and “in advance registration number (in plural number)”  alternatively.
◎ If an in-advance registered patient reports to front desk earlier than his (or her) scheduled time, our personnel will on-site register for him so that he can be inspected earlier.
◎ If an in-advance registered patient reports to front desk later than his (or her) scheduled time, he has to wait only two patients to be inspected as indicated by the wall- mounted calling-number panel.
In average, in-advance registered patient s wait shorter than on-site registered patients. Patients of returning visits are welcome to book in advance.
First-visit patients are required to register in person on-site to fill out basic information sheet. Please come to our front desk a few minutes earlier to complete basic information sheet before Director’s inspection.
◎ According to the rule of National Health Insurance Bureau that " Prescription duration of  the same disease should not be overlapped, otherwise no payment at all", patients please take the initiative to inform Director their appropriate next returning time, in order to prevent an early return and overlapped prescription duration.
◎ Patients with previous seven-day prescriptions, as in the most common situation, can use National Health Insurance card on their returning visit of the same disease only six days later counted from their previous prescription date. Patients returning earlier than six days or having used National Health Insurance card for prescriptions more than five times in one month are required to pay for themselves without National Health Insurance reimbursement.

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